Internal communication events

The objective of internal events is to improve the internal environment and teamwork of the organisation or implement values.

Corporate summer days, galas, Christmas parties, team-building events, conferences, employer branding.

Marketing events

Promoting and improving the image of a company, product or brand.

Customer events, product launches, promotional solutions, conferences, employer branding.

Seminars and conferences

The organisation of conferences including all support services.

Virtual and hybrid events

An event that takes place entirely online or both in-person and virtually. The virtual event platform is managed by a professional team.

Virtual and hybrid solutions are ideal for both internal events, marketing events and conferences.

Technical production

Live broadcasting, audio, video and lighting solutions, and graphic design.

Printed products, gifts and design solutions

Design and printing of event items – from idea to product.

Invitations, diplomas, marketing flags, gifts, and branded products.

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