Ordering Process and Price

We follow a specific order of activities during the entire process and in which each step is essential. This guarantees the desired outcome of the event and that our cooperation is transparent and smooth, providing security for both parties.


    We will map the needs and expectations of your company as well as any concerns you may have so that we can offer you the best possible solution. What is the current situation like and what would you like to change or achieve with the event?


    Depending on the project, the development of the complete solution will take 2–3 weeks. The offer based on the solution will include a detailed overview of the entire project, programme and budget.


    The complete solution will also specify the indicators used to measure the success of the project. (You can opt out of the latter service if you wish.)


    We will review the offer together. We will present to you the complete solution of the project with a price offer and discuss all issues that have arisen.


    Depending on the amount of amendments, we will modify the offer to meet your needs within the next 1–2 weeks.



    Once the project has been approved, we will agree on a timeline which will be the basis for our cooperation. The timeline will be managed by our project manager who will make sure that everything goes according to plan. You can contact the project manager by phone with any requests or questions you may have.


    We will meet again 1–2 weeks before the event day and go over the final project details. No significant changes will be made after this as the focus will be on realising the project according to set agreements.


    On this day your task is to enjoy the event, as the project manager is fully responsible for everything. Everything will be organised as we agreed and the project manager will closely monitor the entire event. They will be available at the venue and answer any questions that may arise. If you have any additional requests on the day of the event, you should discuss them with the project manager as soon as possible. It may not always be possible to make changes on the day of the event as they may concern agreements concluded with third parties. The quality of the event may suffer as a result and no one wants for that to happen.


    Creating a post-event analysis and reviewing it with you during our last meeting is an integral part of our cooperation. We will analyse whether the project fulfilled its objectives and discuss your satisfaction with the project and its management as well as things we could do better next time. 

Service price

The price of the service and the budget depends on the project. The budget of a medium-size event with a few hundred guests is between 30,000 and 50,000 euros. In the case of more complex events with more guests, it may be as high as a few hundred thousand euros.

The price of the service comprises two parts: the project budget and agency fee.

The former depends on the prices of the goods and services bought for the event, the latter on the complexity of the project and the volume of work required for its organisation.

Creativity agency fee includes the following:

  • development of the design solution;
  • project management;
  • event monitoring;
  • mapping of event success indicators;
  • post-event analysis.

The volume of work required for each project is assessed separately and all activities will be specified on the approved offer with the initial timeline. We will agree on the hours required for the implementation of the project when we set the timeline; however, if a significant amount of overtime is needed during the project implementation, we will conclude a separate agreement for that.

Asking for an offer does not entail any obligation and the offer is valid until approval.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us!

Use the contact form below, send us an e-mail at info@creativity.ee or call +372 5323 4257.